Payne USA

PayneUSA® uses proprietary plastic injection molding to manufacture branded components for the residential/light commercial reverse osmosis and filtration industries. We are proud to label our products "MADE IN U.S.A."

In 1984 William and Mary Payne began a small manufacturing business in Southern California. Payne Manufacturing quickly grew to become an internationally recognized supplier of quality components for the water filtration/purification industry. The standard was set as components were distributed throughout the world.

In 1994 the company relocated to the Mid-South to become more centrally located for distribution. Payne Manufacturing was sold in 2000 to a long time industry professional who worked side by side with Mr. Payne for many years on product development. With new ownership came a change of name to "Payne Industries".

In January 2011, Aquamor®, LLC of Temecula, California acquired the company and renamed it PayneUSA®. Today, PayneUSA® branded products are manufactured and offered through Aquamor's facilities in Temecula. This acquisition allows Aquamor® to increase its distribution base, and expand its core of water filtration products, while providing additional work for Aquamor's new USA based plastics molding division. The company specializes in point of use water filter products and systems. Combined, Aquamor® and PayneUSA® represent a major source for the creation and manufacturing of OEM and branded filtration products.

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