Aquamor Carbon Blocks
Aquamor Signature and Standard Series carbon blocks are made from the finest materials available. Our Signature Series blocks are compression molded using premium coconut shell powders and advanced binder technology to enhance the structural matrix and maximize the available carbon surface area. What does this mean to you? A high quality, unmatched product line that delivers excellent performance. Our Standard Series blocks are extruded using either coconut shell or bituminous coal powders and industry standard binders that delivers a low cost workhorse for everyday applications.

Aquamor Signature Series
The top choice when you want peak performance.  Made using the highest quality coconut shell powders and proprietary binders, our Signature Series uses a two-step compression molding process that produces a block with exceptional consistency in the block wall. The carbon and binders used to make the Signature Series products are carefully selected, inspected and specially treated before being introduced to the manufacturing process. By carefully controlling the materials and process, the Signature Series delivers consistent pressure drop and contaminant reduction block after block. With a high capacity for a wide range of contaminants, low pressure drop and great dirt holding capacity, these Aquamor filters deliver both high performance and unbeaten consistency. The Aquamor Signature Series line has been validated by the WQA for chlorine, VOC, and Cyst performance. Aquamor Signature Series filters are available in 1, 5, and 10 microns in 4 standard sizes.

Aquamor Standard Series
The high-quality, low cost, dependable solution.  Cutting cost doesn't mean sacrificing quality. The Aquamor Standard Series line delivers a quality product at an attractive cost. It starts with a quality coconut shell or bituminous coal powders. Aquamor Standard products use an extrusion process and industry standard binder technology to produce a carbon block that meets or exceeds the competition's specifications. The Aquamor Standard Series is available as a 10 micron CTO product in two sizes.


Premium Coconut Shell Powders

Compression molded process and advanced binder technology delivers industry leading performance

Select models validated by WQA for Chlorine, VOC, and Cyst performance

Available in four standard sizes and three standard micron ratings

Aquamor specializes in custom sizes, unique end caps, and specialty formulations.


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