Catamount Systems & Filters

BGX Series


Welcome to Aquamor Foodservice and the future of water treatment. Over the past several years our team of professionals have designed and launched the most comprehensive platform of water treatment products in the market.  Built upon the backbone of our Legacy line, Aquamor Foodservice now brings forth the most comprehensive platform through our Catamount project. Through our Catamount project, we bring forward options never before available to our customers and the end users.

Years in the making, Catamount provides several new and unique features bringing simplicity and guaranteed quality to the industry.  Starting with our “Build on the Wall” modular program and Truck Kit inventory management through our Bypass Integrity System (BIS) and unsurpassed scale reduction performance, Catamount provides simple answers to complex issues while reducing cost and increasing ease of inventory management and installation.

Made in the USA through Quality American engineering, field validated in many of the most difficult water areas across the country and finally Verified through NSF Certifications, the Aquamor Foodservice provides answers and solutions globally.

Our legacy line of BGE, BGC, BGS and BGA elements provide high quality replacement answers for product in the field. Building upon this legacy line, Aquamor Foodservice now launched our BGM line of water filters, in order to provide solutions for High Flow replacement solutions for installaed product. Finally, through our Catamount platform, Aquamor Foodservice completes the program of filtration through modular solutions and unmet performance. Catamount brings the highest capacitied in the marketplace, as well as multiple treatment options from sediment, carbon, GAC, WAC, softening resin, Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis – all built upon the modular Catamount manifold program.

We look forward to working with you and providing solutions to your water quality needs.

Core Values
As we work to sustain the Success and Growth of Aquamor, we are committed to these Core Values to guide our decisions and our actions.

Quality Unity Profitability Knowledge Integrity Good Corporate Citizenship